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Good health is linked to good education

Students are heading back to school. We are fortunate to live in a country with educational opportunities for everyone. Education is linked to health in a positive way. Data links higher levels of education to better health and life expectancy.

I am afraid the educational opportunities in our county are often taken for granted. An education is the pathway to a productive life and self-sufficiency. This opportunity comes at a time in a person’s life when they may not recognize or understand the importance of how an education influences their well-being for their adult life.

Supportive adults and teachers can help provide the motivation and discipline children need to achieve an education. Ben Carson is an example of what an education can do to change a person’s life. His story is amazing and worth reading if you are not familiar with it.

Education can affect health in several ways. It can help teach students about healthy lifestyles through classroom work, exposure to positive role models, and physical education. Level of education is directly linked to employment rates and income.

An education can provide the opportunity to attain a job and income that will allow people to live in a safer neighborhood, have ability to participate in healthy activities, afford a healthy diet, and afford health insurance and access to healthcare.

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