A Great Tradition-Berlin Street Cruzers

Berlin has been blessed over the years with philanthropic volunteer organizations that have brought a lot of benefit to its citizens. Some focus on specific projects and problems and some are more general in their sponsorship. One of these is the Berlin Street Cruzers Car Club. Started in 1980 by a group of 11 friends who had a common interest in automobiles, it has grown and today its membership is wide-reaching and all inclusive. Originally the group held camping outings, road rallies, visited area car shows in a group, participated in Christmas parades and other area parades. In 1985 they tried their hand at holding their own small car show, one at the West Side Garage lot and at a park in Princeton. From that humble beginning their annual extravaganza was born so that today they can sometimes draw close to 500 show cars and trucks and thousands of spectators.   For 31 years now on the second Sunday in August car owners, car hobbyists and car enthusiasts gravitate to Berlin’s Riverside Park for the Street Cruzers annual car show. 

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