Wild Rose Village Board hears proposals on multi-family homes


The Wild Rose Village Board discussed home proposals in the village during the January 6 meeting.

The Board further discussed proposals by Stan Soltis for multi-family homes along Main Street. Further investigation is needed on the matter.

Justin Bechard expressed wishes for a variance on an open lot on Maple Avenue. More definitive plans for the location are being requested by the Board.

The Board approved Resolution 2021-01 regarding a notice of referendum dealing with garbage pickup in the village. Clarification of what referendum is about needs to be done so it’s more understandable.

A revaluation service from Bowmar was approved after some discussion, but the Board is requesting references.

Village clerk Lindsey Inda gave an update on the ECWRPC regarding transportation projects. She pointed out that the funds were really for “small,  minor  projects for such things as bike routes.”


The next regular Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 3, following a public hearing.