Wild Rose Police Chief announces resignation


The Wild Rose Village Board discussed the possibility of hiring police officer during an October 7 meeting.

Before doing so, the Board discussed a building permit situation with Alberto Gonzales. He has a building that is not in compliance with an ordinance where setbacks are concerned. He does need a building permit, and must meet with the zoning committee to request a variance. There’s also the possibility of Gonzales purchasing a parcel of land thats connected with his buildings.

On the subject of police officers, a few applications had been received, but the Village isn’t close to hiring anyone despite needing a part-time officer now. Police Chief Russ Monacelli handed in his letter of resignation to be effective in April of 2021, and Trustee Jody Jansen suggested waiting until the beginning of next year before posting for the chiefs position.

Trick or Treating in the Village was approved for Sunday, November 1 from 3-5 p.m. providing face masks and gloves are worn, and children only go where porch lights are on for treats. The Village may cancel the event if the state and/or county recommends to cancel it.

The Board reviewed the Wild Rose Area Fire District contracts and updated WRAFD 2021 budget. It was noted that the village’s share of the contract is 19 percent, and that now the requested budget is $5,928 less than it was.

The Routes to Recovery Grant fund usage was discussed. It was pointed out that there’s about $10,000 left. It was decided that Lindsey Inda and Doug Jirik would be allowed to spend it or find a need for it and if meets President Tim Ganzel’s approval.

A request to let the area Snowmobile Club to use Trail #7 and allow designated club members to use ATVs and trailers to mark, maintain, install, and remove trail signs was granted.

The appointments of Travis Lewallen, Mark Davies, and AJ Jenks to the Red Mill Committee were approved. The committee met the second half of September and was said to be a “vibrant group” with a lot of good ideas as to what to do with the mill. Since the Village doesn’t have funds for the mill, other means of funds are needed, and grants may be available.

The Village will be looking into a National Incident Management System Training at the beginning of 2021.

The library and community center report included the news that the Wi-Fi service had been upgraded at the library. It was also mentioned that a family which planted some Wisconsin grown trees on their property didn’t want them after all, and wanted to donate them to the library grounds.

Hormal stock connected to the village library was said to have an inactive account. After some discussion the Board approved Resolution 2020-4 to notify the proper institution that the Village/Library still  wish to have an active account for 2 years rather than have the stock go  unclaimed.

The next regular Board meeting will take place at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 4 as a call-in event as it has been for months.