Gardening Tips and Highlights Waushara County Master Gardeners

Garden Highlights: Perfect veggies for small pots and places

Many people who would like to grow summer vegetables think they are out of luck because they don’t have a sunny yard. They may live in an apartment or condo with only a balcony or patio, or they may only have a porch stoop with just enough sun for their favorite summer tomatoes and peppers. Maybe they have a heavily shaded yard, with only a few spots of sun between shrubs or perennials. The solution for foodies and all others who love fresh-picked veggies is to grow edible plants in a pot. In recent years, plant breeders have introduced several compact new varieties of many vegetables, that meet the small-space requirement and produce good quantities of tasty veggies worthy of any summer table. For best results, containers for tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant should be in a five-gallon size pot. For apartment and condo dwellers, consider pots made of recyclable, lightweight spun plastic materials, which are reusable and easy to store. Use a high-quality well-drained potting mix tailored for containers. Make sure you will be able to provide water regularly to the pots, because they dry out faster than being planted in the ground. Fertilize according to label directions and use it every four-six weeks for a more bountiful harvest. Harvest the veggies routinely to encourage the plants to keep producing. 

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