Children enjoyed creating their own personal stepping stones at the weekly Wednesday 1:30 pm “Libraries Rock” program held at Redgranite Public Library on July 11. The materials for the project were purchased with grant funds provided from Healthy Communities Healthy Youth of Waushara County.

Andrew Momsen, Wautoma, visits the food/refreshment stand at the St. Joe’s Catholic Church Picnic in Wautoma and was served by Jim Bielmeier, one of the many volunteers that helped make this year’s picnic a success.


Michael Ammons and the Water Street Hot Shots had a mid-to-late afternoon slot for performing at the July 14 Black Hawk Folk Music Festival at the Mt. Morris Town Park.

Library Board members Cindy Loa and Wendy Appel welcomed guests, collected tickets, and gave out dinner stickers at the Taste of Wautoma event at the World War II Memorial Building on July 11.

Genesee Depot performed at Wautoma’s Music in the Park at Bird Creek Park on July 12. The crowd was enamored by the county tunes, as some danced on the dance floor and others listened from their chairs.

At the July 7 quarterly meeting, the Board of the Little Hills Lake Management District presented a plaque to retiring board member Fred Schmolesky, honoring his 18 years of service.


Quality feed is important for production of milk on a farm. Cows are fed a total mixed ration (TMR) that is balanced according to the nutritional needs of the animal.



According to the calendar, it’s Spring, so come to the Wautoma Public Library to get your free seeds and your garden started.