Felonies reported in Waushara County

The Waushara County felonies as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• Kyle J. Basler, 32, Appleton, appeared in court on July 5 for a sentencing hearing for Strangulation, Suffocation and Child Abuse—Intentionally Cause Harm, OWI (2nd) and Operating with PAC (2nd). He received sentence withheld 3 years probation, conditions: 6 months in Waushara County Jail or 180 days - jail adjusted o 143 days - difference between 6 months/180 days minus the 37 days spent in Las Vegas and credit for agreed upon 14 days jail credit against the 143 leaving approximately 129 days left to serve - credit for inpatient treatment while in Las Vegas granted; complete an AODA and any follow through; must maintain absolute sobriety, may not be present upon the premises of any bars, and is prohibited from possessing/ingesting any impairing substances that have not been prescribed by a physician; steps taken in Las Vegas may satisfy the treatment component of courts order, but will need to be discussed with agent; bond to apply to court costs; DNA sample and surcharge assessed; for OWI (2nd): 28 days in Waushara County Jail with 14 days credit for time served, good time to be applied, $1,500 fine plus blood draw fee, bond to be applied and 60 days to pay on any balance or payment plan, 16 months driver’s license revocation/ignition interlock device for same period of time, OWI assessment prior to any relicensing, must report by Aug. 15, may serve in another jurisdiction if can be arranged.

• Marcques R. Lehouiller, 19, Hancock, appeared in court on July 5 for an initial appearance for Bail Jumping-Felony and a motion hearing for two counts 2nd Degree Sexual Assault, 1st Degree Sexual Assault and Intimidate Victim/Threaten Force. A status conference is scheduled for July 25.

• Jason Sydney Harris, 47, Berlin, appeared in court on July 5 for an initial appearance for two counts Forgery. An adjourned initial appearance is scheduled for Aug. 8.

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