Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign seeks volunteers

To the Editor:


If you are reading this, we hope that you are a person that has had the experience of “ringing the bell” for a Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign, and we also wish that in doing so you had a very positive feeling of gratification. Not just because you were volunteering for one of the “best causes” out there, but because you witnessed all the people that stopped by the kettle and contributed generously.

Those were your friends and neighbors, contributing to help other friends and neighbors, living right here in Waushara County. You, had the opportunity to see the incoming donations, but what you didn’t get to see, is the disbursement of that $30,000 you collected. Almost all of that money went right back to residents of this great county of ours.

You are asked to volunteer for this campaign, knowing that there are no paid positions in this county, and that 90 percent of the giving stays in Waushara County. Of the 10 percent that leaves this county does not all go to paid positions, but does go towards national disaster relief, etc. 

We ask that you remember that as the need continues we will again be calling on volunteers for this coming Red Kettle Campaign beginning on Friday, Nov. 20. and ending Wednesday, Dec. 23. 

For there will be 456 hours of bell ringing done by over 23 entities, including clubs, churches, school organizations, workplaces, in Wautoma alone.

We ask that you consider helping us again this year, either as part of a group, or as an individual simply call Roger at 920-787-4250. Let us know if you would prefer to help in Wautoma, Wild Rose, Plainfield, Coloma, or Redgranite. You will enjoy that same feeling that we talk about, knowing that you helped “Doing the Most Good.” 

Thank you, and have a Blessed season.

/s/ Roger Charette, Waushara County Salvation Army Volunteer