Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 11/9/17: Zest Home So-lutions, LLC to Dawn Kue-chenberg, $113,500. Town of Marion. 

• 11/10/17: Paul A. West to Paul A. West, $25,950. Town of Hancock. 

• 11/10/17: Donald H. Kemps to Eugene F. Fenner, $10,000. Town of Marion. 

• 11/13/17: Sara L. Eber-hary as personal representative of the Estate of June Rooney to Kevin and Faith Witmer, $13,000. Town of Dakota.

• 11/13/17: Allyn B. Thor-son and Lila M. Thorson (Co-trustees) to Manuel B. Viedma, $175,000. Town of Richford. 

• 11/13/17L: Robert B. and Janet L. Gustison to Susan D. Hanson, $210,000. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 11/13/17: Dominic F. and Josephine A. Marshall Trust to Richard J. and Mary Jill Marshall, $13,500. Town of Warren. 

• 11/13/17: Terry D. and Brenda L. Picard to Brian A. Averson, $40,000. Town of Mt. Morris. 

• 11/13/17: Paul P. Dem-ler Survivor’s Trust to Nikola F. and Amanda Ko-matina, $130,000. Town of Springwater. 

• 11/13/17: Gary L. Peter-son to Dean E. Hartman, $175,400. Town of Dakota. 

• 11/13/17: Michael J. Henson to Nancy S. Gumz, $14,500. Town of Deerfield.

• 11/13/17: Terry L. and Anita B. Wilcox to Linda R. Gallagher, $87,000. City of Wautoma. 

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