Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 11/1/17: Harry A. Marek to Billy Graham Evangelistic Association as trustee of the Harry A. Marek and Dianne E. Marek Unitrust #2, $253,500. Town of Rose. 

• 11/2/17: Wilmington Savings Fund Society as trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Thomas Beltran, $112,000. Town of Mt. Morris.

• 11/2/17: Jeffrey and Marcia J. Reabe to Joshua S. Eastling, $195,000. Village of Plainfield.

• 11/6/17: Kevin L. and Faith M. Witmer to Denise T. Lazzell, $64,450. Town of Plainfield.

• 11/6/17: Charles L. Siewert to Guy D. Lepine, $7,500. Town of Marion.

• 11/6/17: Arthur L. Lynest Trust to Zacharey S. Kemnetz, $83,420. Village of Hancock.

• 11/7/17: Mary E. Peterson to Christopher J. and Keri M. Bertz, $155,000. Town of Wautoma. 

• 11/7/17: Austin L. and Kristen M. Laferty to Lonny D. and Ruth M. Challoner, $82,000. Town of Rose. 

• 11/7/17: Dennis P. Mo-roney and Karen O. Moroney Revocable Trust to James F. and Pamela K. Gardener, $161,000. Town of Mt. Morris.