Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• 6/28/17: David A. and Gail M. Swan to Randy R., Nancy L. Reilly and Tyler G. Reilly, $430,000. Town of Marion.
• 7/5/17: Lynn A. and Debra J. Peters to Michelle M. Peters, $120,000. Town of Marion.
• 7/5/17: David C. and Trudy Wanichek to Kimberly J. Waugus, $99,000. Village of Plainfield.
• 7/5/17: Doris Behm to Andrea L. Knutson, $145,000. Town of Bloomfield.
• 7/5/17: New Energy, LLC to Quick Fuel NE, LLC, $225,000. Town of Poy Sippi.
• 7/6/17: Ronald and Mary Lou Bredael to Kenneth A. Graper, $165,000. Town of Marion.
• 7/6/17: Jacob A. Schwartzman to Luke and Mary Joseph, $100,000. Village of Hancock.
• 7/6/17: The Estate of Irvin E. Moldenhauer to Craig and Lori Gerritsen, $46,000. Town of Aurora.
• 7/6/17: James A. Holzbauer to Lynn A. and Debra J. Peters, $179,900. Town of Marion.
• 7/7/17: Thomas A. Witkowski to William L. and Kelly J. Boyer, $207,500. Town of Springwater.
• 7/7/17: Steven M. and Paula J. Angell to Joshua M. Johannes, $156,000. Town of Poy Sippi.
• 7/7/17: Nathan Wayne Fredenberg to Robert A. and Coleen Sonnenschein, III, $116,000. Town of Poy Sippi.
• 7/7/17: Karneth and Judith Slupecki Revocable Living Trust to Gregory H. and Judith A. Foster, Sr., $1,000. Town of Mt. Morris.
• 7/7/17: Rory Ellickson to Crist W. Ellickson, $50,000. City of Wautoma.

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