Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• 6/28/17: Lavilia D. Wedell to Roger Wedell, $15,000. Town of Wautoma.
• 6/28/17: Richard G. and Collette S. Rohm, $101,400. Town of Springwater.
• 6/28/17: Lee O. Bendixen Estate to Joseph D. Bacon, $60,000. City of Wautoma.
• 6/28/17: Karen Neal to Jason A. and Janine Faught, $26,500. Town of Coloma.
• 6/28/17: Waes, LLC to City of Wautoma, $75,000. City of Wautoma.
• 6/28/17: David A. and Gail M. Swan to Randy R. and Nancy L. Reilly, $430,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/28/17: Edgren Living Trust to Ken D. and Mary E. Morrison, $90,000. Town of Springwater.
• 6/28/17: Judith D. Deeke to Matthew S. Deeke, $130,000. Town of Hancock.
• 6/28/17: William J. and Cheryl K. Warzynski, $99,000. Town of Springwater.
• 6/29/17: Kenneth Palms to Kenneth Palms, $20,000. Town of Coloma.
• 6/29/17: Wells Fargo Bank to Mad Management LLC, $41,000. Town of Dakota.
• 6/29/17: Lawrence D. Van Derra to Allison Strash, $147,000. Town of Leon.
• 6/29/17: Brandon S. Kulas to Brandon S. Kulas, $49,600. Town of Rose.
• 6/30/17: Dawn M. Olson to Jay R. and Sara L. Wildner, $193,000. Town of Springwater.

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