Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• 6/14/17: Gary Cotanch AKA Gary L. Contanch and Beverly J. Contanch to David J. and Lisa A. McClelland, $129,000. Town of Leon.
• 6/14/17: Richard E. and Elizabeth C. Morgan to Kevin P. Flaherty II and Tina J. Flaherty, $28,000. Town of Saxeville.
• 6/15/17: James M. Benway to Richard J. Bayer, $130,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/15/17: Michael J. Grasee to Robert D. Grasee, Jr., $25,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/15/17: Patrick S. Granado to Marcus R. Granado, $100,795. Town of Springwater.
• 6/15/17: John A. and Barbara A. Roesener to David Beyer, $55,000. Town of Oasis.
• 6/15/17: Dennis Hoover, as personal representative of the Estate of Howard Davis, to Alex T. and Crystal D. Muth, $79,900. Town of Marion.
• 6/16/17: Richard C. Karl to Melvin O. Smukalla, $90,000. Town of Coloma.
• 6/16/17: Tom F. Clark to Scott M. Moderson, $47,000. Town of Springwater.
• 6/16/17: Scott A. Hecker to Donald M. LaPlante, $54,000. Town of Saxeville.
• 6/16/17: Michael E. Matz to Kelly Jo Hudson, $142,000. Town of Saxeville.
• 6/19/17: Thomas J. and Jill M. Janda to Benjamin R. Gordon, $189,000. Town of Springwater.
• 6/19/17: Jeffrey J. and Debora A. K. Dabel to Dean J. Eagan and Janice H. Eagan Joint Revocable Trust, $115,000. Village of Wild Rose.

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