Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• 6/7/17: Estate of Alm Brastins to Leonard D. Young, $28,000. Town of Bloomfield.
• 6/7/17: Margaret E. Galow to Jamie Neumann, $215,000. Town of Mt. Morris.
• 6/7/17: Randell S. and Karen L. Flesch, $252,000. Town of Saxeville.
• 6/7/17: Renee Kerska to Matthew A. Hedrick, $65,000. City of Wautoma.
• 6/7/17: Joan R. Hau to John B. and Ruth M. Leinbach, $55,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/7/17: Daniel L. Schultz to Daniel L. Schultz, $29,500. Town of Rose.
• 6/8/17: Tammy A. Bloch to Amy S. Pulham, $117,000. Village of Plainfield.
• 6/8/17: Dennis Hoover as personal representative of the Estate of Howard Davis to Russell W. Kirby, $47,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/9/17: Dennis T. Wisniewski and Donna J. Wisniewski Joint Revocable Turst to Terry K. and Joan K. Bowgren, $50,000. Town of Marion.
• 6/9/17: Gordon K. and Shiela M. Delzer to Eric C. and Maria R. Lisus, $218,500. Town of Deerfield.
• 6/9/17: Stephen J. and Audrey L. Koch to Paul A. Niemisto, $135,000. City of Wautoma.

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