Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:
• 4/26/17: Joseph W. Wit-tman to Robert Houpy, $8,500, Town of Dakota.
• 4/226/17: Richard B. and Cheryl A. Mueller to Adam Kelley, $190,000. Town of Marion.
• 4/27/17: Peter W. and Anita L. Andrew to William B. and Kathleen L. Croft, III, $176,000. Town of Mt. Morris.
• 4/27/17: Wayne F. and Barbara J. Challoner to Kevin C. and Stacy R. Buglass, $15,000. Town of Plainfield.
• 4/27/17: Andrew and Linda Burkart Living Trust to Howard W. Andrews, $73,320. Town of Leon.
• 4/27/17: Life Rental LLC to Aaron E. Sowma, $78,000. City of Wautoma.
• 4/28/17: Timmy W. Rosin to Troy J. Bielmeier, $170,000. Town of Deerfield.
• 4/28/17: Timothy A. Kra-mer to Clayton J. Rasmussen, $61,500. Town of Springwater.
• 4/28/17: Terry L. Martz to Jeffrey M. and Sara P. Martz, $66,000. Town of Wautoma.
• 4/28/17: Richard Holm personal representative of the Estate of Andrew J. Statema to Jay M. Hartz, $26,500. Town of Mt. Morris.
• 4/28/17: Steven G. and Cindy L. Cuske to Timothy A. Saul, $143,000. Town of Deerfield.
• 4/28/17: Mark C. Spatt to David L. and Barbara J. Lewandoski, $189,000. Town of Leon.
• 4/28/17: Bernard E. and Charmaine Kopp to Robert W. and Debra L. Frikart, $217,500. Town of Springwater.

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