Waushara County Property Deed Transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

•9/29/15: Jon P. Ostrowski and Cindy L. Ostrowski to Eric S. Beine and Mali M. Beine, $246,000. Town of Poy Sippi.

•9/29/15: Vanessa L. Lacey, Vanessa L. Less (FKA), Timothy Joe Less, and Timmy Joe Less (AKA) to James M. Reel and Camela M. Reel, $2,300. Town of Marion.

•9/30/15: William R. Adler and Helen K. Adler to Daniel E. Razner (trustee), Kathleen M. Razner (trustee), Daniel Razner Family Trust and Kathleen Razner Family Trust, $559,300. Town of Marion.

•9/30/15: Margaret Klein (estate), Roberta Klein-Dietz (co-administrator) and George L. Klein (co-administrator) to Richard W. Buchholz, $14,900. Town of Dakota.

•9/30/15: Timothy W. Pool, Judith A. Pool, James W. Pagac (AKA), Elizabeth A. Pagac, and James J. Pagac to Timothy W. Pool Living Trust and Judith A. Pool Living Trust, $17,500. Town of Leon.

•9/30/15: David L. Flagstad and Jama D. Flagstad to Ralph Zempel, $200,000. Town of Hancock.

•9/30/15: Bradley P. Gerrits and Kathryn C. Gerrits to Pine Breeze Dairy LLC, $16,000. Town of Bloomfield.

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