Waushara County property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

• 3/9/18: Dorothy A. Olig to Brian R. Freimark, $25,000. Town of Warren. 

• 3/9/18: DGI – Coloma, LLC to Clausen 2, LLC, $1,135,644. Village of Coloma. 

• 3/9/18: Sara L. Eberhardy as personal representative to the estate of June E. Rooney to Harvey D. Easton, $34,000. Town of Marion. 

• 3/9/18: Frank A. and Rita B. Jury to Barbara K. Schofield, $84,000. City of Wautoma. 

• 3/9/18: Estate of Rickie D. Nelson to Donald R. Nelson, $67,000. Town of Marion.

• 3/9/18: Matthew J. Burke and Dana J. Syring to Beth A. Bender, $233,500. Town of Deerfield.

• 3/9/18: Robert and Jo-anne Blyseth to Harold L. and Susan M. Sommer, $100. Town of Marion

• 3/12/18: Harry A. and Dianne Marek Unitrust to Craig and Jason Zwiers, $455,000. Town of Rose. 

• 3/12/18: Paul M. Slet-ten and David L. Ward to Cottonville Training, LLC, $185,000. Town of Dakota.

• 3/12/18: Richard M. and Joanne Detlor to Daniel F. and Laurene A. Hahn, $29,874. Town of Deerfield.

• 3/13/18: Joyce A. Jawson to Zachary P. Zwirchitz, $215,000. Town of Poy Sippi.

• 3/14/18: Richard M. and Joanne Detlor to Andrew J. Lauer, $119,000. Town of Oasis.