Waushara County lists property deed transfers

The Waushara County property deed transfers as recorded from the Waushara County Courthouse are as follows:

    •1/31/18: Associated Bank, N.A. to D. Nick Phillips, $64,900. Village of Redgranite.

    •1/31/18: Thomas J. Johnson, Jr. Trust to Robert J. Wilson, $65,000. Town of Bloomfield.

    •1/31/18: Patrick B. Martin to Vaughn L. and Lynn M. Benecke, $55,000. Town of Deerfield.

    •1/31/18: Timothy J. and Christine M. McGurn to Brone T.J. Bowers, $105,000. Town of Marion.

    •1/31/18: Tanya S. Raub to Andrew R. and Brooke B. Busse, $278,900. Town of Marion.

    •2/2/18: Jacqueline Testa to Frank Perez, $44,000. Village of Plainfield.

    •2/2/18: C&S Holdings LLC to Hannah B. Klusmeyer, $62,000. City of Wautoma. 

    •2/2/18: Wendy Tompter to Tanya S. Raub, $19,000. Town of Marion. 

    •2/2/18: Two Oaks North Realty, Inc. to Anthony G. and Kim M. Smyrneos, $11,000. Town of Marion.

    •2/2/18: Ronald D. Mayer and Judith J. Mayer Living Trust to Kyle J. and Patti S. Jorgenson, $136,000. Town of Deerfield.

    •2/2/18: Giovanna Van Wie to Gary B. and Judith K. Burton, $77,000. City of Wautoma. 

    •2/5/18: Cloverbay, LLC to Robert and Kathryn Multerer Living Trust, $145,000. Town of Marion. 

    •2/5/18: Mary A. Cereceres-Mahnke to Kathleen and David Rintelman, $18,500. Town of Mt. Morris. 

    •2/5/18: David N. Merryfield to Buelow Beach Bungalow, LLC, $65,000. Town of Springwater.

    •2/5/18: Colleen Lunow to V.A. House, $105,000. Town of Leon. 

    •2/5/18: David and Lois Kolka to Duane and Cheryl Pionke, $112,500. Town of Rose.