Property transfers recorded in Waushara County


*11/04/2020: Stonewood Hills LLC to Flyte Family Farms Too! LLC, Town of Hancock, $121,500.

*11/04/2020: Lucas Kumm to Leonel Pascual Lopez, Town of Oasis, $40,000.

*11/04/2020: Hugh D. Line to Jason L. and Barbara L. Frohn, Town of Aurora, $54,000.

*11/04/2020: Bobbie J. Phillips to Victoria NKS Victoria L. Van Deventer Mackley, Town of Plainfield, $72,500.

*11/04/2020: CSP Investors LLC to Seth and Rebecca Kauffeld, Town of Mount Morris, $50,000.

*11/04/2020: Jay M. Hartz to Kenneth L. and Karen M. Wenninger, Town of Mount Morris, $357,500.

*11/05/2020: Wilmer and Dan Yoder to Laura Lee Lueck, Village of Redgranite, $65,000.

*11/06/2020: Joellen Christie-Stearns to Jon and Cynthia Anderson, Town of Leon, $160,000.

*11/06/2020: Harold W. and Patricia A. Abitz to Richard Gohlke, Town of Dakota, $150,000.

*11/06/2020: Michael R. Sperry to James M. Rannie, Village of Redgranite, $25,000.

*11/06/2020: Jerry D. and Lee Anna M. Shelmidine to Jesus and Michele L. Castro, Town of Oasis, $100,000.


*11/06/2020: Jeffrey A. and Heather R. Schramm to Erika Klauk Page, Town of Mount Morris, $46,500.

*11/06/2020: David G. and Debbie A. Knutson to Jack C. and Carole L. Stanosek – Frater, Town of Dakota, $175,000.

*11/09/2020: Cloverbay LLC to William T. Klabunde, Town of Deerfield, $37,525.

*11/09/2020: John H. Ermer to Joseph J. Netzler, Town of Dakota, $15,000.

*11/09/2020: Jack C. Frater to Michael O. Magallanes, Town of Wautoma, $228,000.

*11/09/2020: Tanya S. Raub to Charmaine A. and Michael V., Jr. Miramontes, Town of Marion, $305,000.

*11/09/2020: C&C Properties of Coloma LLC to Nicholas, Amber AST, Village of Coloma, $7,000.

*11/09/2020: Joseph K. Swendrzynski to Adam M. Schimelpfenig, Town of Dakota, $120,000.

*11/09/2020: Daniel R. Dahlke to Loney Wheeler, Town of Marion, $112,000.

*11/09/2020: Douglas R. and Patricia A. Pieper to Michael J. Huebner, Town of Hancock, $18,200.