Property transfers recorded in Waushara County


•9/30/2020: Cory M. and Kalla Dougherty to Eric and Rebecca McBrair, Town of Leon, $50,000.

•9/30/2020: Thomas F. L’Esperance to Jeffery James and Ann Marie Stodola, Town of Dakota, $71,000.

•10/01/2020: Matthew and Ava C. Shubat to Joel A. Amanda Dempsey, Town of Aurora, $355,000.

•10/01/2020: Lisa A. Cartwright to Ethan D. J. Sonnentag, Town of Warren, $115,000.

•10/01/2020: Philip J. Rhodes to Nao Vue and Xao Vang, Town of Richford, $110,000.

•10/01/2020: Secluded Land Company LLC to Timothy O. May, Town of Leon, $66,800.

•10/01/2020: John and Nicole Thompson to Laureen L. Staaland, Village of Wild Rose, $26,500.

•10/01/2020: Dale E. and Dawn Fadrow to Jordan Foley, Town of Leon, $332,280.

•10/01/2020: Ray E. McElmurry to Scott T. and Nicole J. Hill, Town of Marion, $17,900.

•10/02/2020: John C. Speers to Charles M. and Lisa K. Basting, Town of Deerfield, $248,000.

•10/02/2020: Jamie and Jordyn Rupple to Mario H. and Maria T. Villalba, City of Wautoma, $135,000.

•10/02/2020: Deborah Fowler A/K/A Haugle to Daniel J. Olson, Town of Mount Morris, $179,000.

•10/02/2020: David A. and Nancy A. Sowieja to DNJ Investments LLC, Town of Coloma, $25,000.

•10//02/2020: Cloverbay LLC to Chad and Laura Deschler, Town of Rose, $120,000.

•10/02/2020: Bruce A. and Stephanie M. Williams to Kevin Koch, Town of Springwater, $90,000.

•10/02/2020: Larry M. and Tracy Keller to Cory and Kalla Dougherty, Town of Mount Morris, $195,000.

•10/02/2020: Michael Burt to Mike and Pam Wagner, Town of Mount Morris, $82,000.

•10/05/2020: William Gordon to Timothy Gordon, Town of Wautoma, $8,100.

•10/05/2020: Serenus LLC to Glenn T. Zamzow, Town of Warren, $166,500.

•10/05/2020: Estate of Albert J. Schinner to David J. and Christa M. Hesse, Town of Hancock, $220,000.

•10/05/2020: Robin H. and Sylvaine K. Latham to Cynthia Forseth, Town of Oasis, $92,000.

•10/05/2020: Raymond S. and Mary D. Miller to William J. and Emma W. Herschberger, Town of Coloma, $119,277.

•10/05/2020: Estate of Duwayne W. McCrossen to James J. Bednarek Sr., Town of Deefield, $160,000.


•10/05/2020: Jeff and Jeri Mallow to Timothy J. and Lori Arnoldussen, Town of Mount Morris $350,000.