Property transfers recorded in Waushara County


•09/02/2020: Gerald L. Meyer to Erin Young, Town of Springwater, $155,000.

•09/02/2020: Connie Quint to Gloria Happeresett, City of Wautoma, $14,000.

•09/02/2020: Anthony C. Battaglia to Sarah A. Paugels, City of Wautoma, $110,000.

•09/02/2020: Jonathan D. and Ruby C. Martin to John B. and Ruth M. Leinbach, Town of Mount Morris, $130,000.

•09/02/2020: Joshua Neitzke to Andrew D. Walters, Town of Marion, $227,000.

•09/02/2020: Louise J. Erdman to Fred W. Albright, Town of Poy Sippi, $15,000.


•09/03/2020: David and Leah M. Werch to John and Katherine Jones, Town of Mount Morris, $255,000.

•09/03/2020: Cloverbay LLC to James M. and Melissa Fochs, Town of Rose, $120,000.

•09/03/2020: Leroy O. and Louise L. Staaland to David C. and Pamela J. Peterson, Village of Wild Rose, $10,000.

•09/03/2020: Secluded Land Company LLC to Randy L. Booth, Village of Coloma, $26,900.

•09/03/2020: Anne M. Archer N/K/A Anne M. Swessel to Nicholas T. and Julie A. Gretzinger, Town of Springwater, $348,000.

•09/03/2020: Steven R. and Karen M. Stroess and Michael Hanneman and Michelle Hanneman, Town of Springwater, $175,000.

•09/03/2020: Waushara County Historical Society to TWA Holdings LLC, City of Wautoma, $8,000.

•09/03/2020: TWA Hold-ings LLC, A Wisconsin Limited Liability Company to Waushara County Historical Society, City of Wautoma $8,000.

•09/04/2020: Joan R. Hau to Mark C. and Christine M. Tokarz, Town of Marion, $263,000.

•09/04/2020: Vern Wagner to Timothy and Cynthia Lewis, Town of Mount Morris, $90,000.

•09/04/2020: Nathan A. and Mary Grace Biesek to Michael S. and Dolly M. Adams Plunkett, Town of Dakota, $239,900.

•09/04/2020: Estate of Andrew R. Pawlik to Ronald E. Isham, Town of Rose, $140,000.

•09/04/2020: Andrew P. and Elizabeth O. Borchardt to Lester Buckholt, Village of Redgranite, $12,900.

•09/04/2020: Kevin J. and Kriss M. Ryan to Bruce A. and Stephanie M. Williams, Town of Oasis, $189,500.

•09/08/2020: Michelle P. and Michael R. Hackbart to Mary J. Hartgerink, Town of Coloma, $85,000.

•09/08/2020: William G. and Barbara A. Smith to Robert W. and Barbara A. Soderholm, Town of Marion, $730,000.

•09/08/2020: Donald J. and Betty J. Kusserow to Mark Kalmerton, Town of Springwater, $156,000.