County records property transfers


•12/30/3030: Ian Huckin to Gary Daye, Town of Richford, $25,700.

•12/30/2020: Allen L. Chikowski to Jeffrey R. Lindemann, Town of Aurora, $10,000.

•12/30/2020: Mary Ann and Jim Rentals to SKS Rentals, Village of Wild Rose, $10,000.

•12/30/2020: Richard H. Graebner to John D. Doran, Town of Rose, $99,910.

•12/30/2020: Lawrence A. Bertzyk III to Mary-Louise Hengevaugh, Town of Wautoma, $229,000.

•12/31/2020: Justin E. Hazlett to Darcy L. and Pamela S. Ratajczak, Town of Springwater, $55,000.

•12/31/2020: Steven A. and Debra L. Schroeder to Lawrence D. and Sandra M. Schroeder, Town of Leon, $80,500.

•12/31/2020: Estate of Harlan A. Beutler to Flyte Family Farms Too! LLC A Wisconsin Limited Liability Company, Town of Richford, $486,600.


•12/31/2020: Donavan D. Rew and Donna L. Rew to Dakota D. Lenz, Town of Poy Sippi, $75,000.