Waushara County reopening guidelines

Over the course of the last two months communities have worked hard to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This was in large part due to the efforts of physical distancing, increased sanitation and limiting trips as much as possible. This has been difficult for many, but your efforts have kept disease rates low in communities.

Wisconsin currently has 472 positive cases and Waushara County having 8 positives.

As Waushara County begins to open businesses and communities, you are reminded that even though the State’s orders have been lifted, COVID-19 has not gone away. The efforts you take in the coming months will determine how well the virus continues to be contained. The Waushara County Health Department has issued the following safety recommendations for reopening communities:


General Guidance for Everyone:

Maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others.

Wash hands regularly. Use hand sanitizer when handwashing isn’t available.

Sanitize frequently touched surfaces.

Wear a facemask when going into public spaces.

Do not go out in public if you are sick and contact your healthcare provider for testing.


All Waushara County businesses are allowed to open. In addition to the codes and regulations that govern their trades, businesses are advised to follow the industry-specific safety guidelines from:

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC): https://wedc.org/reopen-guidelines/

Guidance for businesses and employers from The Center for Disease Control (CDC) https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/organizations/busine... employers.html

Following Social Distancing and sanitation guidelines when in public settings, and consider the following guidance when attending public events and gatherings:

Low risk means staying at home.

Moderate risk is gatherings up to ten.

Gatherings of 10 to 50 are considered high risk.

Gatherings over 50 are not advisable.

DATCP and Tri-County Environmental licensed businesses please consult:


Sanitation Guidelines:


Guidelines listed but not limited as listed below;

Do a wellness check of employees coming to work

Limit capacity to 50 percent of your occupancy limit

Follow 6-foot social distancing when possible

Have employees wear masks when interacting with public

Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus

Consider special hours for the elderly and those who are at high risk

Long-Term Care Facilities (SNF/CBRF/AFH/Assisted Living/Group Homes):

Nursing homes will continue to follow the Federal CMS rules regarding safety and visits.

Guidelines listed but not limited as listed below:

•Visitor policies as determined by the facility, recommend wellness check and masks if allowing visitors

•Employee wellness checks;

•Follow 6-foot social distancing when possible for residents, staff and visitors;

•Consider having employees wear masks and

•Work with resident’s employers to establish a safe return to work plan

Public Schools:

Will be under the direction of the State until at least June 30, 2020

School buildings, facilities (including playgrounds and sports fields) remain closed to the public.


•Businesses with playgrounds may reopen if they can maintain an increased cleaning frequency;

•Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently (i.e. at least twice a day) with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus; and

•Limit capacity to 50% of total occupancy

Religious Gatherings:

Guidance provided by your church’s hierarchy

•Limit occupancy to 50 people;

•Consider providing masks to those that want them;

•Sanitize commonly touched surfaces frequently with an EPA approved product for novel coronavirus; and

•Follow 6-foot social distancing when possible

The Waushara County Health Department cannot give legal advice to anyone regarding the potential liability to any business, person, or organization that operates with, or without, adherence to these recommendations. Each individual should consult with his or her own legal counsel if they become ill at a business, event, or due to the actions of others. Likewise, you should consult with your own legal counsel if your business, event, or action contributes to the illness of others.

Please follow these recommendations until further notice.

The guidance will be continually updated and recommendations for gatherings and events will be reevaluated on a bi-weekly basis after assessing the disease incidence in communities, and the capacity of the healthcare systems that serve the communities.

Your efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 are greatly appreciated by those who live, work and play in Waushara County.