Next steps after Stay-at-Home Order overturned

The Supreme Court ruled the afternoon of May 13, that DHS Secretary-designee Palm’s Executive Order 28 is invalid. As Governor Evers’ original 60-day Emergency Order has ended, there is no longer a stay-at-home order in effect from his office. However, counties have issued their own orders, and are to be followed as required.

For businesses that are not under a county order and choose to reopen, you are being urged as businesses and organizations to review the WEDC guidelines for reopening for best practice suggestions, as well as those from the CDC. These guidelines are not enforceable and are not considered regulations.

Any future rules that the governor or the Department of Health Services would wish to institute would have to be promulgated through the rulemaking process, and will be overseen by the legislature.

Your local or county health department may look at their own options as they were not part of the Supreme Court case. The hazard, of course, will be the inadvertent creation of a patchwork variety of regulations that would confuse the public. You are encouraged to all work together to create best practices that will benefit everyone.