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There is a lot of confusion regarding Act 420, the name of the bill that gave neighboring counties the right, by law, to bill adjacent counties for library materials checked out by the adjacent county patrons. This is not a new law, but was first enacted in 1997, amended in 2005 and then again in 2015.  I will try to explain this law as simply as possible.

Why was the law passed?

The answer to this is relatively simple, libraries near the borders of counties have a lot of cross-county patrons, but these patrons from the other county do not pay taxes to support the library. This was an unfair situation for libraries that are nearer to many people across a county border.

How does it work?

Everyone pays taxes. Taxes are collected to support hundreds and thousands of things. One of those things is your local library. When you check out a book from a library in the county you live in, (your home library), there is no charge to or from a neighboring county. 

If you order a book, through the Winnefox van delivery system or Inter-Library Loan and check it out from your home library, again in the county where you reside and pay taxes, there is no charge from another county – no matter where the book came from.

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