Meet author William Schwochert at Readers Realm on Dec. 10

So Many Mountains and other Short Stories is an eclectic collection of short fiction by William Schwochert of Portage. In his new book, he depicts the many natures of human existence.  

The title story, “So Many Mountains”, is the adventures of a boy who shuns society and journeys into the wilderness searching to create a life of own his design. “The Truth about Love” details a man’s search for resolve after the dissolution of his marriage. “Funny Pages” has four distinctly different scenarios intertwined by one common theme. In “The Night Has a Thousand Eyes” a woman of confused mind and morals seeks to gain control of her life and justify her existence. “A Change of Heart” is an examination of the human condition concerning a failed relationship. A chance meeting of a man and a woman is portrayed in “Lust as First Sight”. In “The Hunt”, a young man runs away from responsibility and finds himself in a deadly struggle for survival.  Rounding out the collection, “The Road to Redemption” reveals the downfall of a man and his attempt to recover through the aid of a most unlikely source.

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