Information on Your Waushara County

Postponed Tax Payments

If your real estate tax bill qualifies you are given the option of paying a first installment on or before January 31 and the second installment or postponed installment being due on or before July 31. Notices are not sent to remind you to make the installment payment before July 31. 

You should check your receipt/payment record for the amount paid on the first installment to be sure that your second installment amount is correct. If you paid an amount different that the amount shown on the payment stub then the second installment payment stub amount would be different. 

The 2014 tax bills are available to be printed from the county homepage at In the Land Record Web Portal a copy of the tax record showing payment history can also be printed. It is important that your check is issued for the correct amount and made payable to Waushara County Treasurer for the second installment. 

Review your check to be sure that it is properly dated and signed as well as the numerical figures and written amount match. 

Note: Credit card payments are not accepted at the treasurers office but only through the Land Records Web Portal. 

When payment is made by mail early mailing is advised to avoid a delay in mail service and the processing of the payment. If you wish to receive a receipt for your payment a self-addressed stamped envelope s appreciated. Payment by cash, check or money order can be made in person by coming to the County Treasurer’s Office at the Waushara County Courthouse. 

Failure to make the installment payment by July 31 will cause the tax to become delinquent. Delinquent tax bills are subject to interest and penalty from Feb. 1 at the rate of 1.5 percnet per month.


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