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Department of Human Services addresses the drug epidemic

We hear a lot about the opioid epidemic and the increase in drug abuse problems throughout the United States. Unfortunately, this epidemic is not just something taking place in big cities; it is here in Waushara County. 

Local statistics demonstrate the severity of this epidemic in our community. According to the Waushara County District Attorney’s office, the 2016 number of drug related deaths, Narcan administrations (to save an overdose victim), felony and misdemeanor drug cases, and drugs seized by Law Enforcement far exceeded the totals in 2015. 

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention reports that the number of Drug related legal violations in Waushara County involving youth and adult offenders rose from 35 in 2008 to 106 in 2014. Offenses against family members due to drug abuse rose from 20 to 64 in that same time period. These numbers are alarming and affect all of us.  

Waushara County takes this epidemic seriously and is addressing this problem as a united front. In 2014, the Waushara County Circuit Court, District Attorney’s Office, Department of Human Services, Sheriff’s Department, the State Public Defender’s Office and the Department of Correction Probation and Parole Office received funding to develop a Treatment Alternative Diversion Court (TAD).  

The TAD Court offers alcohol and drug abuse treatment to non-violent offenders whose criminal activity is closely connected to their alcohol or drug abuse. Since it began, the program has received more than 72 referrals. These referrals consist of drug related charges and multiple Operating While Intoxicated Offenses.

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