Information on Your Waushara County

Waushara County Buildings and Grounds Department submitted this article.

One of the main projects for the Building and Grounds Department is replacing entry and exit doors at the Waushara County Courthouse. We’re not touching the old wooden doors on the original part of the courthouse. Rust is the biggest culprit with the metal doors, which is caused by all the salt that has been used at the entrances and exits. All the doors have been in service for over 36 years.    

We have three service/exit doors that the jamb and doors are rusting out on. They have been painted numerous times but eventually the rust has won. Due to security reasons these three doors are now only exit doors for various departments at the courthouse.

The north entrance to the courthouse, which faces Park Street, was the Work Release Entrance and has two doors that also need replacing. They don’t close properly any more. We’re looking at replacing the single pane glass in the doors and entryway with insulated glass. Also, the bottom of the glass openings, about 3 feet off of the floor, will be replaced with an insulated panel to save energy.

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