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Child Support

Parents who receive child support services have certain rights as well as certain responsibilities.

Child support services are provided automatically if the parents caring for the child/children are receiving certain public assistance benefits such as W-2, BadgerCare Plus, Child Care assistance, SSI Caretaker Supplement, or Kinship Care programs.

An application for services can be completed by all other parents for full child support services to be received. There is no fee for child support services. Applications can be obtained at the child support office or online at

Parents who apply for child support services have a right to:

• Receive help in getting and enforcing a child support court order.

• Be told if the child support agency plans to close their case.

• Receive most child support services free of charge.

• File a written complaint and have their case reviewed if they believe the local agency has delayed mandatory actions or has not taken mandatory actions on their case.

Both parents in cases receiving child support services have a right to:

• Receive help in es-tablishing legal fatherhood (paternity)

• Ask their child support agency for “privacy pro-tection” if the release of their address or other location information would put their children at risk.

• Ask for a review of an existing order for support if it has been at least three years or a significant change in circumstances.

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