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UW-Extension Family Living focuses on seniors

This month in Waushara County, University of Wisconsin-Extension Family Living Program continues to serve our communities by offering educational discussions at the community dining centers for area seniors and veterans on the topics of cardiovascular disease, physical activity, and nutritious eating in celebration of National Heart and National Nutrition Months.

Discussions for next month are open to everyone at all eight dining centers and will go over getting those gardens ready. Also starting soon are classes to learn more about the many benefits of fermenting foods and making jams and jellies.

Demonstrations and take-home materials will be provided to get started at home, check in for upcoming dates starting in April. Upcoming discussions for “Ask a Nutrition Expert” will be at our local libraries in Waushara County where you can ask the UW-Extension Family Living Program Associate, E. Taylor Engelke, MS, RDN, CD, all about those fad diets, cooking for one or two, including slow cooker and easy freezer recipes, food preservation, prevention of chronic diseases, and much more. Additional information will be made available to take home afterwards as well.

Find out about future classes, demonstrations, and events on the UW-Extension Facebook page,, or by calling (920) 787-0416.

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