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Waushara County Car Seat Program

Car seats…Just the thought of them is confusing. You walk into the store and there before you is a whole aisle of car seats; infant, rear facing, forward facing and booster.

How do you choose…which is safest and…look at all the frills some of the seats have. You make what you hope is the best choice and now you are faced with having to put it in your car. If you think this is all easy, you are probably doing some part of it wrong.

It is very important that families not only buy a car seat that is the right size for their child but that it is put in their car correctly. Every car is different and if you have to move your child’s car seat from one parents car to another the installation can be totally different.

This is why Waushara County feels it is important to have certified car seat technicians on staff at the Health Department. Injury prevention – that is the magic word. We want to make sure the children of Waushara County families are safe while on the road.

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