Information on Your Waushara County

Building Successful Organizations

UW-Extension Commun-ity Resource Development Agent Waushara County has over 200 organizations recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt organizations, nonprofits or charitable organizations.

Without these organiza-tions, we would not have the quality of life we do in Waushara County without an increase in taxes and other expenses to cover the services these organizations provide. Through the University of Wisconsin-Extension, Waushara County has been providing assistance to the local organizations that play a vital role in the economy and quality of life.

Based on an organization’s need UW-Extension provides one-time training, direction and information, advice and data as needed. UW-Extension assists organizations in evaluating and understanding their need, and works to accommodate their information and educational needs as the organization evolves and meets at a time and location when the greatest number of people from the organization can participate.

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