Information on Your Waushara County

County Veterans Services

I just wanted to take this opportunity to reintroduce myself, and my office.  I am Bill Rosenaut,* the Waushara County Veterans Services Officer, and my office is (oddly enough) the County Veterans Service Office.  We are located in the North Annex of the Courthouse in Wautoma.

The office is staffed by two people, myself, and a Benefits Specialist, Dawn DeBraal. Our job, in a nutshell, is to help veterans, their dependents and survivors better understand, and access the benefits they earned through their service to our country.

What this means, and what it doesn’t mean is pretty key. The big thing is to understand that our office is not “The VA”. In the CVSO office, we are county employees ,not Federal, not State. We don’t fall under the sway of any of the regulatory agencies, and that separation is by design.

Although our Federal and State governments have some great programs and benefits for veterans, they are, at times, jealously guarded by bureaucracy and law. We are the local resource that helps lend a better understanding of what is needed, to successfully gain these benefits, and to act as an advocate for the veteran and their family in pursuit of those benefits. Our focus here in the office, both by statute and personality type, is to look out for the veteran’s interests.

I have been here in the CVSO office for the past seven years, and I would have thought, by this point, that I would have met pretty much every veteran here in Waushara County. But to be truthful, I haven’t.  I have new veterans coming in weekly. Many of our veterans either haven’t sought services, or, in some cases, don’t consider themselves to be veterans.

So, the bottom line, if you have ever served, in any branch of the United States Military, that service may have earned you access to some benefits. You owe it to yourself and your families to find out what those benefits are.  Will you qualify for every one of them?

Maybe yes, Maybe no, but perhaps you will qualify for the one thing that you need, and here in the office, we are pretty creative at finding something that will help, even if it isn’t a direct veterans benefit. If you never served, more likely than not, you know someone who did. Help us help them, encourage them to reach out to my office to at least start the conversation.

I was just reading a VA study, which showed that only about half of the veterans in our nation understand their benefits. I know from first-hand experience, that there is a lot of misunderstanding surrounding these benefits.

The local CVSO office can help, not only in gaining that understanding, but in many cases, we can help a veteran leverage those benefits to improve their situation. Everything from better access to health care, to helping offset nursing home costs. Putting the finishing touches on an education, or feeling a bit more secure about how your family will be cared for when you pass away.

If you are a veteran (as I said, if you ever served in any capacity, in any branch of the U.S. Military) or if you know a veteran, and have a need, or a question, please, give my office a call.  We are here to serve those who have served, and our focus is 100 percent on addressing your needs.