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Update on Buildings and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Department started the fall off with a new EMS facility being constructed in Hancock. The county had been looking into a building on the west side of the county for about 5 years. 

The board felt that a building centrally located on the west side of the county would serve the residents of Waushara County the best. Brian Donaldson, the new EMS director was trying to lower the response time to calls, as Coloma and Plainfield each shared an ambulance by alternating monthly, but when the ambulance was stationed at Coloma and a call was up in the northwest corner of Waushara County, the response time was longer than they wanted. 

The county then hired the late architect, Bill Rutter, to give us an idea as to the cost of building a facility that would fill the needs of the county. With this information, the committee looked at the feasibility of buying a building, but none were available in the area that would work without spending a lot of money to redesign.

Modular homes were also considered, but the codes required handicap accessibility and the companies were unable to build such a structure. 

A pole barn type structure was also considered, but by the time it was designed to fit our needs, the cost was as high as a stick-built building. 

After some debate, it was decided to build, using County owned property in Hancock, as it was centrally located on the west end of the county, with easy access to I-39. Bill Rutter was then hired as the architect to design a building. The building has one bay for the ambulance, but another can be added in the future if the need exists. A small kitchen, 2 bedrooms, and a living room/ office area, make up the rest of the building.

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