Information on Your Waushara County

Who is the Waushara County Surveyor and what exactly does he do?

I know the title of this article is a question that is foremost in the minds of the citizens of Waushara County, so I will do my best to provide an answer.  My name is Jerry Smart and I have been the Marquette County Surveyor and Land Information Officer since 1990.  In 2011 discussions began between Marquette and Waushara County regarding sharing the county surveyor position.  It was felt that doing so could be advantageous for both counties.  In December of 2011 the two counties agreed upon terms and I became the Waushara as well as the Marquette County Surveyor.  

You may ask how can you be full time in one county and part time in another?  The answer is that sometimes it is hard to decide which is full time and which is part time, but the arrangement has worked well for both counties to date.  It also has given me a wonderful challenge as well as allowing me to roam this beautiful county and get to know its residents.  Prior to this most of my knowledge of Waushara County had been Camp Waushara which should give many of you an idea of my age. 

Chapter 59 of the Wisconsin Statutes outlines exactly what a County Surveyor’s duties are.  Originally the County Surveyor was an elected position, the same as other offices, such as Clerk, Treasurer or Register of Deeds.  The Legislature changed the statutes regarding the County Surveyor to allow for the position to be either elected or appointed when the requirements to be a surveyor became much more stringent.  Before that change, counties could literally have an elected surveyor that was not licensed and could not legally do the job.

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