Information on Your Waushara County

County Statics, Organization, and Economic Assistance


How many people lived in in Waushara County in 2014? The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) estimate is 24,511. The DOA projects the population to be 24,705.  In 2010, the Population count from the US Census was 24,496.  What is the difference between estimates, projections, and counts?  

An estimate a mathematical best guess based on a certain amount of data. A projection is a mathematical best guess for the future. Count data is the result of actually counting each and every person. The University of Wisconsin-Extension provides statistical information to local organi-zations, governments, busi-nesses, and individuals in Waushara County with an explanation of the data. 

The data provided includes statistics about the local population, economy, retail market potential, and environment. In addition, UW-Extension provides assistance in planning, developing, conducting, and interpreting the collection of local qualitative and quantitative data, such as through focus groups and surveys. These statistics are used to make decisions, apply for grants, initiate conversations, and understand the community. 

A sample of statistics about Waushara County can be found at UW-Extension will be providing a presentation about local statics related to the local health, population, and economy at the Central Wisconsin Health and Economic Development Summit, which will be held in Green Lake on Aug. 11. The statics UW-Extension will present are to assist in the discussion of issues related to health, business, and the local economy in Waushara and neighboring counties. 


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