Information on Your Waushara County

Did you know??


Did you know your Waushara County Department of Human Services is busy working for you?  How you might ask? See below to find out!  

Waushara County De-partment of Human Services:

•Assists approximately 2,700 Waushara County households in obtaining and maintaining state and federal benefits such as Medical Assistance, Food Share and Child Care assistance.

•Provides approximately 1,000 Waushara County residents with mental health therapy, substance abuse counseling, psychiatric/psychological evaluations, and/or professional mentoring services.  It is anticipated that this number will increase significantly in 2015 as two new clinicians have recently joined our ranks.  

•Responded to 594 calls for Waushara County residents experiencing personal crises in 2014, all of which needed emergency assistance.   

•Kept Waushara County children safe by responding to 451 reports of child maltreatment and by placing approximately 30 children in safe environments in 2014.  Reports included allegations of physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse and unborn child abuse.  

•Completed 114 OWI assessments in 2014 and served 26 court ordered participants in our Underage Drinking class.  

•Assessed 140 adult protection services referrals in 2014, which included concerns of abuse to vulnerable adults, elder abuse, financial exploitation, neglect/self-neglect and sexual abuse.  

•Worked to keep Waushara County safe while meeting the needs of juveniles and their families by processing 119 referrals regarding crimes committed by juveniles in 2014.

•Provides approximately 30-40 adults and children with mental health diagnoses and/or alcohol/drug abuse issues with such services as case management, medication management, mentoring and other programing to assist in their pursuit of recovery oriented goals.     

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