Wautoma Area School District News

What do state cut backs in the school system have to do with us?


I have been reading about the budget cutbacks by the state of Wisconsin that will give our schools $150 less per child than we are getting now. Over a hundred dollars per student, one might ask how does that effect me? Or some may think that it is not our problem and it will just be okay. Can we afford to just ignore this and let it happen?

I am the mother of three that received their K-12 education through the Wautoma School system. I believe the school system played a major role in their lives. It was the teachers, the classes offered, the extra curricular activities they could explore and try, the friends they made, etc. that made them well rounded and they have become contributing adults in this society. Also I should mention the bus drivers that made sure they had a safe ride to and from school each and everyday.

I was a working mother, for some of the times, a single parent, and the Wautoma School teachers and staff were wonderful to my kids and provided them with a great education and great values. I instilled in them to do their best while in school, it didn’t have to be straight A’s or perfect, but it should be the best they could do.

One of my kids excelled in math and the math teachers and program helped him soar and he went to Fox Valley Tech after graduation from high school and then on to Milwaukee School of Engineering to get his engineering degree. He is now an engineer with Nestle. Another of my sons went directly from graduation to the Air Force and he was in the military police and now does security clearance for the military in the private sector. Another of my kids went to Fox Valley Tech, went to Lakeland College and received her bachelors and masters in business administration and works for Kohler. All of their careers were the result of a good foundation education in the Wautoma School system.