Wautoma Area School District News

How the state’s proposed budget will impact the Wautoma Area Schools

Behind the politically motivated headlines are the details that will have a negative impact on the rural school districts of Central Wisconsin. Over the next few weeks a series of articles will help you have a better understanding of the educational opportunities provided, the importance of public education to our communities and the budget of the Wautoma Area School District.

In a recent article in the Wisconsin School News, John Ashley, executive director of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards, reported “The governor has proposed an austerity budget that includes a significant cut to schools (local school districts) next year coupled with no increase in revenue limits for the next two years.  

As a result, on a per-pupil basis, State aid in 2015-16 will decline to a level approaching what districts received in 2009. At the same time, the governor proposed to expand the statewide, taxpayer-subsidized voucher program by completely removing the limits on enrollment into the program and for the first time, pay for vouchers directly out of State general aid. 

If approved, money to fund the vouchers would come directly from individual school districts rather than a separate, general appropriation.”

While revenues from the State have remained stagnant or gone down, just like your own every day expenses for heat, electric, transportation, and building maintenance have increased.  Unlike the State, school districts cannot spend money they don’t have or “borrow” from another fund. 

The Wautoma School District has historically been very conservative and frugal with their operational budget. Support from local persons, businesses and support groups has made providing a quality well-rounded education possible for years, but the State seems set on balancing their budget on the “backs of students.”

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