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Partnering on the Healthcare Purchasing Path

It’s an interesting and inexact path in the healthcare purchasing world right now. No one knows that better than our business customers. As we talk with them and listen to what they’re experiencing, what they’re facing and how they’re navigating forward to do well by their employees, we continually deepen our understanding of the employer purchasing market and what we need to do to both lead and respond. 

What are our customers telling us lately? I talked with our ThedaCare At Work team and was heartened to hear about some shifts in business thinking and purchasing decisions around health care, and concerned by some of the trends businesses continue to face. Here’s a snapshot of what they shared with me. 

Cost-shifting may be nearing its peak. While employers continue to look for ways for employees to participate in the costs of health care – a trend that’s been occurring for many years – they are increasingly aware of the risks and downside of this approach. Although high deductible health plans, and increased co-pays and out-of-pocket costs are still typical, more and more employers are realizing this trajectory has a ceiling. They’re exploring other ideas.