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Walking … Easy, Healthy and Fun

Take a walk – that is how simple getting physical activity or exercise can be. Who doesn’t want to get outside and take a walk after this particularly long, cold and icy winter? You can walk alone, with family and friends or just walk the dog. The benefits are enormous.  

Taking a daily walk can help to prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening your heart muscle, lowering your blood pressure, helping to balance out your cholesterol and improving blood flow. With increased blood flow your body will get more oxygen which gives you more energy.  

Walking can also help to prevent cancer, arthritis and diabetes, not to mention having a positive impact on depression and anxiety.  Walking helps to relieve stress, improve memory and helps us sleep better. The list goes on. Walking is a simple form of exercise that can be enjoyable and low impact.

So how can we make walking feel even more effortless and just plain fun? Adults can do many things when walking such as changing your route or walking your route the opposite direction to change up the scenery.  Walk with your children, grandchildren or neighbors’ children. Open their eyes to the wonders you can experience along the way.

Below is a list of ideas that will make any walk more adventurous for adults and children:

• Leave the phone in the pocket if you are with friends or family

• I Spy- I spy something red or I spy something in a tree

• Follow the Leader- get silly, go around in circles or skip

• Interval training-walk, skip, hop, run and then re-peat…use your imagination to spice things up

• Poetry to Go- start with a simple line (I love going for a walk )and then have everyone add on rhyming lines (until I stepped on a rock)

• Spelling Bee- Spell words of things you see along the way

• What does the sign mean-become aware of the world around us

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