Waushara County Health News

Falls The Number One Cause of Injuries in the Elderly

According to the Centers for Disease Control, nearly a third of senior citizens fall each year. Many of these result in hip fractures or head injuries that can be life threatening.

Data specific to injuries that result in hospitalizations in Waushara County indicate that the largest cause of injuries is falls. This data was accumulated from 1995-2014, which is the latest data available.

When looking at the age range for these falls it showed that the majority were over age 65 and the rest aged 45-65, and the most common falls are in the home.

In order to prevent calls, clean up clutter and fix tripping hazards such as loose carpet, throw rugs or floors that are in disrepair. Assistive devices such as grab bars and hand rails can be installed in particularly risky fall areas such as bathrooms.

For many of us we do not see as well in the dark. Keep areas well lit, especially hallways, stairs, and entrances and exits.

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