Waushara County Health News

Managing Your Stress

Stress is a physical and emotional response to overwhelming  respon-sibilities, events and changes. Everyone experiences stress and not all stress is bad; however, if you are overly stressed for too long, it can put your health at risk. 

Stress levels tend to increase during busy times or times of change, which is why people often get stressed out during the holidays. Try to pay attention to your stress level and use these tools to help you manage or reduce your stress. 

Short-term effects of stress:

• Increase in heart rate

• Increase in blood pressure

•Stomach may become tense

• Muscles may tighten

Long-term effects of stress:

• You may get sick more frequently

• Trouble with digestion

• Trouble concentrating or remembering

• Negative thoughts

• Feeling anxious, depres-sed or angry

• Relationship troubles

Keys to managing stress:

• Recognize it

• Eat healthful foods

• Exercise

• Get enough sleep

• Make time for yourself

• Time management

• Learn relaxation and mindfulness skills

• Learn and practice problem solving skills

• Practice gratitude