Megan Kees, Lisa Semmann, Tim Semmann, Sam Weiss, Jen Weiss, Judy Burton, and Brandon Fluhr.

Waushara County Health News

Bike the Bannerman event a success

A group of individuals, led by the Waushara County Health Department, biked the Bannerman Trail on Saturday, July 18. 

Although it was a hot and humid day and a storm had rolled through the night before, the group successfully biked 14 miles round-trip. An employee of the Parks Department was kind enough to drive the trail before the event and remove any fallen tree branches from the path. 

The Health Department also appreciates the assistance from Wade’z Bike Shop in assessing the condition of the trail before the improvements were made and then in advertising the Bannerman Trail as an option for off-road bikers.

Many people have known the Bannerman Trail to be a great place to walk, horseback ride, and snowmobile. Now, after a few improvements, the trail is also a great place to bike. The trail is almost completely off road, and the ground surface varies between gravel, grass and a few areas of sandy ground. 

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