Waushara County Health News

Fourth annual Skin Cancer Screening Results

With summer fast approaching, people will be spending more time outdoors in the sun.  Unprotected sun exposure puts you at risk for skin cancer and early aging. Skin cancer is growing at a faster rate than any other cancer in America. In fact, one American dies of melanoma almost every hour, but with early detection, melanoma has an almost 100 percent recovery rate.

On April 11, Waushara County Health Department held its 4th annual Free Skin Cancer Screening. Dr. Burt Steffes, MD is a dermatologist for Agnesian Health Care system in Fond du Lac, and is committed to early detection of skin cancer and outreaches to underserved rural areas. He has donated his time for the past three years, coming to Waushara to perform free skin cancer screenings.

Eighty-four individuals were screened at the health department, with about 10 percent diagnosed with a cancerous or precancerous condition, and they were given referrals to make an appointment with a dermatologic surgeon. 

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