Waushara County Health News

World Immunization Week

The World Immunization Week will be April 24-30, with the goal to protect people of all ages from disease with the use of vaccines. In 2013, an estimated 21.8 million infants did not receive lifesaving vaccines. 

Protection throughout life

Immunizations are the most successful and cost effective tools to keep you and your family healthy. Every year between 2 and 3 million deaths are prevented due to being vaccinated against various, life threatening diseases. 

New and sophisticated vaccines are saving the lives of children, adolescents, and adults.  Pneumonia and rotavirus diarrhoea are the deadliest diseases for children under 5 years old. Children aren’t the only ones that benefit from vaccines; they help to protect adolescents and adults from influenza, meningitis, and cervical and liver cancers.   

Even though immunizations are very beneficial; children are missing vaccines.  

The numbers are over-whelming:

•World-wide roughly 1 in 5

•Waushara County more than 2 in 5

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