Waushara County Health News

Bike Safety

Spring is a time for warm weather, birds singing, and the site of children riding their bikes. 

Bike safety is so important for our children, and they need to be taught the importance of using hand signals, wearing a bike helmet every time they ride, and recognizing the dangers that are all around them. 

Children don’t know that drivers have blind spots where a bike can be hidden, that a car might pull out of the driveway, or a car door may open when they are next to the car. This is learned and as parents it is our job to teach them to protect themselves.  

A few things to remember: 

Is the bike safe to ride? Make sure everything is tight and straight. Teach children to shake their bike before they ride and if something rattles they should tell you so it can be fixed.  

Do the cars see you? Let them know that a bike is small and a driver may not see them…“do not assume you are being seen.” Thinking the driver should see your child could end up with your child being seriously hurt. Wear bright clothes to increase visibility. Learn to walk, ride and play defensively.  

Do cars know what you are planning to do? Use hand signals, make eye contact with the driver to make sure he sees you and ride on the correct side of the road staying close to the edge.  Street signs are for bikes too. A stop sign means everyone should stop, not just cars.

Accidents happen. It’s a fact of life. Head injuries (brain injuries) are very serious and can happen from being hit by a car or simply falling off their bike and hitting their head on the ground. 

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