ThedaCare Health Matters

Patient Safety

Just recently, the hospital that I practice at ThedaCare Medical Center-Berlin in was surveyed by the Joint Commission, a not-for-profit, organization that accredits and certifies hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. 

Joint Commission accre-ditation and certification is an indication of the commitment of the organization to quality and safety standards that have been set. Hospitals and health care organizations are not required to be surveyed, but can choose it. For those who choose it, a survey is done about every three years.

Hospitals spend time, money and other resources to make sure they are meeting safety standards and quality standards in order for their patients to be confident about the services and care given. Patients also want the reassurance that the care they are receiving is safe and effective.  

As stated in the Hippocratic Oath, one of the main goals of health providers is to “do no harm.” Joint Commission surveyors use a fine-tooth comb to examine the processes as well as the facilities to help make sure the oath is being followed. 

Surveyors focus on a number of things including infection control, medication management, how hospitals plan for emergencies, processes to make sure the medical staff is qualified and competent, processes to address patient rights and education and quality measurements along with how these quality results bring about improvement within the organization.

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