Al-Anon Corner

Life with a problem drinker, is not easy. The uncertainty of it all. Is he going to drink tonight?  Is he going to come home drunk and staggering? Is he going to argue with me when he comes home?

During the day, my thoughts are, will he stop for a beer and come home late and miss our scheduled meeting? All day long, I am preoccupied with thoughts of dread and despair.

In Al-Anon I learned that I had a to change my thinking from, why can’t he? to Why can’t I? Why can’t I take my eyes off of him, and put the focus on myself? Why can’t I do something good for myself? Why do I cover for him? Why am I making excuses for him?

In Al-Anon I learn so much about myself. I am a good person. I do have worth and value. I continue to learn to be gentle with myself. I am a good parent and wife. No matter what he says. It matters what I think of myself.

Al-Anon has changed my life. I finally find humor in my life. Won’t you come join us? We meet every Monday at noon at Hope Lutheran Church, Wautoma, and every Tuesday evening. at 6:30 p.m. in the CAPsell building, Main St. Wautoma. Hope to see you there.


Debbie W.